Tavern In The Dark

Session 4
week 2, day 1

Arthyn got out of jail and reunited with the crew. It was time to expand the business. The crew went down to a coffee shop protected by the lost, old friends. They will help sell the less risky product at first. If the headsmen want to sell their more arcane products trough the venue however, they must first rid themselves of the competition, The Eels.

Session 3
week 1, day 3 - week 2, day 1.

The assassination went smoothly. That is until a mysterious man locked the meeting place doors and burnt it to the ground.

The headsmen found a ring with the emblem of a moon in the ashes, it is believed to be the sign of the unseen. Little to nothing is known about them, and what ever is known is dangerous.

The leader of the crows and lampblack are dead, the red sashes leader has burnt half her face.

The crows have got a new bigoted leader with more harsh plans of control.

The lampblacks are divided, unsure about who should step up and lead them. The headsmen sized the opportunity and attacked a lampblack pub, they even managed to convert a couple thugs to their side.

The bluecoats came down on the headsmen hard and made an arrest on Arthyn. He spent 5 grim days in jail while the rest of the crew lay low and discreetly sell their goods.

It is now week 2, day 1 of the imperium.

Faction Downtime - Day 2

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Session 2 - Day 2


Year 847 of the Imperium, Day 2.

The Headsmen have started importing luxury resources that they sell on the black market for a profit. A couple nosy blue coats tried to shut down their operation but were fooled by fake licensing papers.

The Headsmen have been tasked to assassinate the leader of the Lampblacks during a cease fire meeting. No one must know that the Red Sashes were involved.

Faction Downtime - Day 1

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Session 1 - Day 1
The Headsmen


Year 847 of the Imperium, Day 1.

After the Lampblacks had increased security, a frontal attack by the Red Sashes was no longer viable, they needed another favor from the crew. A distraction, by the means of a bomb. They were to plant it behind the compound as an effort to disorient the lampblacks from the main assault. Madlyn Brown sneaked his way in trough the back wall and planted the bomb after having beheaded a guard in cold blood.

Erin Sonu and Arthyn Regalius were meanwhile distracting a couple guards in the front by the means of a bloody street brawl, Erin was stabbed however luckily it only graced him. The bomb went off and the Red Sashes rushed into battle from the corner of the street. It was a slaughter, and the Red Sashes gained control of the building.

Soon after, the crew was paid 2 coin by the Red Sashes. The Lampblacks declared war on them, and a messenger from the crow came with a job opportunity. If they are to accept, they must betray their alliance with the Red Sashes by spying on them and finding out what the boxes contain. The messenger made it clear that whatever it is, it is of utmost importance to the safekeeping of peace and order in the crow’s foot. Are the Red Sashes be out to gain control of the district for themselves?

The crew spent the rest of the day indulging their vices and working on projects, amongst other things. Arthyn Regalius whilst gambling, managed to anger a high ranking leader of the Spirit Wardens to the point of starting a brawl. Although neither faction knows much about each other past the fact that they have contradictory believes, they are now at war.

Session 0 - Day 1
Humble Beginnings


Year 847 of the Imperium, Day 1.

The crew built their lair of operations in the Tycheros Slums, a location made up of mostly old abandoned factories. They have contacts and lookouts throughout the crow’s foot, now all they need is work.

The Red Sashes contacted the still unnamed crew to gather information about a heavily guarded Lampblack storage building. It is unclear exactly what kinds of alchemical things are stored inside, but one thing is clear, The Red Sashes are out for blood, and it’s is about to be spilled. Whatever is stored inside could determine the fate of the crow’s foot.

Kahla Maroden was noticed spying outside the compound by a Lamblack guard. Word spread fast among the lampblacks and they increased security.


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