Tavern In The Dark

Session 0 - Day 1

Humble Beginnings


Year 847 of the Imperium, Day 1.

The crew built their lair of operations in the Tycheros Slums, a location made up of mostly old abandoned factories. They have contacts and lookouts throughout the crow’s foot, now all they need is work.

The Red Sashes contacted the still unnamed crew to gather information about a heavily guarded Lampblack storage building. It is unclear exactly what kinds of alchemical things are stored inside, but one thing is clear, The Red Sashes are out for blood, and it’s is about to be spilled. Whatever is stored inside could determine the fate of the crow’s foot.

Kahla Maroden was noticed spying outside the compound by a Lamblack guard. Word spread fast among the lampblacks and they increased security.


DaGobinator DaGobinator

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