Tavern In The Dark

Session 3

week 1, day 3 - week 2, day 1.

The assassination went smoothly. That is until a mysterious man locked the meeting place doors and burnt it to the ground.

The headsmen found a ring with the emblem of a moon in the ashes, it is believed to be the sign of the unseen. Little to nothing is known about them, and what ever is known is dangerous.

The leader of the crows and lampblack are dead, the red sashes leader has burnt half her face.

The crows have got a new bigoted leader with more harsh plans of control.

The lampblacks are divided, unsure about who should step up and lead them. The headsmen sized the opportunity and attacked a lampblack pub, they even managed to convert a couple thugs to their side.

The bluecoats came down on the headsmen hard and made an arrest on Arthyn. He spent 5 grim days in jail while the rest of the crew lay low and discreetly sell their goods.

It is now week 2, day 1 of the imperium.


DaGobinator DaGobinator

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