Erin Sonu

Played by MjolnirPowered


Taller than average. Wears bright, heavy armor under a cloak and dark clothing designed for intimidation, drawing attention, and/or receiving damage if needed.

Character Sheet:

Story so far:


A middle child of the noble family Sonukiin, Erin (and many of her younger siblings) was inscripted into the Imperial Guard at a very young age. Even though she has her parent’s physical features, Erin never lavished in the fruits of nobility. Rather, her time was spent climbing ranks and sharpening her skills.

But the life of a noble isn’t always glamour and power. Bad business decisions and multiple backroom deals put the Sonukiin family in a vulnerable position, and other families have begun putting rich bounties on all of their heads.

Once news broke out that nobles were being murdered by the local gangs, mercs, and guardsmen for coin, Erin was forced to flee from her post for fear of losing her life. In her time on the run, she shortened her family name from ‘Sonukiin’ to ‘Sonu’ and covered her armor with dark clothing to remain incognito.

From guardsman, to drifter, to opportunist, Erin now works with outside gangs as a freelancer, utilizing her skills to distract, engage, and deceive multiple opponents to gain the upper hand.Her goal is to turn other bounty hunters against each other while earning enough coin to survive and erase any bounty she may have on her. If she wants to free herself from her family, Erin Sonu must first work as a blade in the dark.

Erin Sonu

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